The Frequency and Sound of God = 528 Hertz

WORD OF GOD = FREQUENCY C = 528 Hertz It is becoming well known, that a certain tone or group of tones (vowels) will heal or they may cause harm to individuals: The healing effect of vowels chanted like a Gregorian chant approximate the name of God; the unutterable name. [To be next to God is both terrifying and bliss... both in extreme... humans are not use to this, nor can they handle this...] There are researchers who are aggressively pursuing this topic because they know that the correct tone will heal bodily diseases. On the other hand, the key used for most songs heard on secular radio stations cause disease and aggression: The original frequency of ancient music was 444 or 443=A… now it’s 440, which has been known to be the carrier by which the military uses psychotronics to divide and disrupt… These songs by Zeph Daniel were done to totally counter the frequency of psychotronics and heal the listener. They are done in C=528, the frequency of God, of Love, of Creation, of Healing. Peace and good listening to you all… Have you heard it all before–Creation was SPOKEN (sonically) into existence not with language, but with frequency… An exploration into the sound of Christ of YHWH, of I AM THAT I AM. OF ESCAPING misery through a miracle… Yeshua will set us free, and what is that sound? Not normal to the ears of human… but it is the SOUND OF GOD. It speaks to all souls. AMEN…

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    2 Responses to “The Frequency and Sound of God = 528 Hertz”

    • grandforksvibrations:

      Check out this on YouTube: “Len Horowitz Press Conference on 528Hz Love Frequency” This is a totally amazing discussion by Len Horowitz. He also talked about the frequency of dissonance which causes hysteria, disease and psychosocial upheavals.

    • grandforksvibrations:

      Zeph Daniel has a new song out in 528 Hz (hertz). It’s called: ZEPH VERSUS THE FALLEN ANGEL (528HZ). I tried to upload it; however, it’s a little bit past the 15-minute time-limit allowed for YouTube. I certainly don’t want to break it up into two parts in order to provide it on YouTube. So, I’m going to sit this one out for the moment…

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