Solfeggio Love Frequency – 528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance

528Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance Music By Source Vibrations Video Artist: Rhea A Collaboration of Love and Sound Full length audio version is available This track is a theta delta brainwave entrainment program set to the solfeggio LOVE frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids in the activation of the higher heart of Divine Love, creating powerful resonant field peace and compassion. Please use stereo headphones. _()_ _()_ _()_ Music by Source Vibrations, thank you Source Vibrations for healing the planet with music. _()_ _()_ _()_ http _\|/_ Know ye not that thee are the temple of the LIving God? _()_ _()_ _()_With Love, Rhea and Asa

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    25 Responses to “Solfeggio Love Frequency – 528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance”

    • GGODDD:

      remember…your the only person you can trust

    • Psychosomasis:

      Wonderful frequency!
      Welll done!

    • hhhstar:

      How do you know this frequency is love? Was it picked randomly and we have to imagine it love or is there proof it is a love frequency?

    • mihairadutu:

      :) funny. and u got me to think how we could know that a frequency could be equated with a feeling and if such a thing could be even possible. and i think it is! :) if u take water as an indicator of the vibratory capacity, and the changes that water is taking from a type of message. i speak of the massaru emoto’s studies with water’s cristalisation. and the fact that it’s visible on the section, the effect of a love-type message and the effect of a fear-one on the way water crystalises. peace:)

    • OneMove33:

      Youll have to do some research, think it goes back to ancient esoteric knowledge. related to the fibonnacci sequence and the chakras in our body, this one bein related to our 4th chakra the heart chakra.

    • acidbath32:

      supposedly it heals dna through prolonged use and even changes molecules of water, and love is said to be the source of creation

    • mtnfolk11:

      As to how freq. became known to affects. I do know initially with light/sound machines (which you should really get one!!) They began by taking advanced meditators who could put themselves into trance or out of body states and recorded their brainwaves frequencies. Then they replicated those frequencies with the sound machines and brainwave entrainment or FFR (Frequency Following Response) then gets your brain to do it too. May be similar with other freq. or by trial/error or channeled.

    • seakiller111:

      its just like any other music without words

    • Musicalspheres111:


    • goddess002:

      that was amazing thank u!

    • NightWanderer00:

      well…i feel refreashed by listening to this

    • marigoldfaerie:

      Thank you ^_^

    • isellsoap1:

      @greenlove42 in the URL before .com (youtube . com) type in youtuberepeat . com and it will replay as long as you want. >:D

    • YhaoKhan:

      Is there a particular method to use these such as meditation or does simply listening work?

    • blueangel528hz:

      I LOVE IT.*****************************

    • StoneJaq:

      Thank you for sharing this video. Love the music by Source Vibrations!

    • Phillygthemessenger:

      my brain feels as though it is vibrating…

    • HealthyWorldOrg:

      The Inception movie repeats the # “528,” a math frequency in a key phone #, a napkin, 2 vault combinations & a room.
      Linking music for social transcendence with “528″ & LOVE in INCEPTION is Dr. Len Horowitz’s idea, who discovered the “Perfect Circle of Sound,” & the author of 16 books including “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.” He wrote extensively on the subject of 528, as it relates to universal construction, healing, Spiritual Renaissance & creationism.
      Visit Love528dotcom

    • Indigozek:

      @YhaoKhan just pay attention to it.

    • mrbojangles487:

      nice, dude.

    • DeliciousBliss:

      Thank you! This is my favorite meditation music…. Source Vibrations….. We Are Divine Emanations of the One! Love & Blessings ~ Lumina

    • MusicWavesMan:

      @Phillygthemessenger that means it is working :D

    • kazie22:

      i am so thankful for all of you who are listening to this…expanding your consciousness and being aware of the oneness in the light, and seeking the path of enlightenment! I celebrate your awakening!!!!!!!!!

    • veggielover87:

      Does this frequency have any special relation to the heart? As I’m listening I’m feeling a sort of focused energy and release of pent up emotions.

    • airsquad1:

      This Vibration is My SPIRITUAL LOveR,a Thousand Thank You’s. ALL4ONE++LOVE4ALL

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