Harmonic Matrix of All 6 Solfeggio Tones FREE DOWNLOAD!

ww.solfeggiotones.com You can also download for free all ascension frequencie and all solfeiggio healing tones FOR FREE http ww.solfeggiotones.com http FREE DOWNLOAD!

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    9 Responses to “Harmonic Matrix of All 6 Solfeggio Tones FREE DOWNLOAD!”

    • GeminiJay:

      Great blend of the tones. The heartbeat adds a nice touch.

    • mecobeach:

      cant they put out these frequencies in a more appealing sound ?

    • EirisPita1966:

      Very good images and very pretty presentation.

    • DawnShereeJoe:

      the info at the end is the most valuable info i have received with clear simplicity. thank you.

    • ilovechits:

      Is this the full bonus track? I went there but it only would open in QuickTime..
      This track totally heals on the deep soul level where other frequencies like delta and theta are acting mostly on the brain.. These penetrate into the soul… If this 9 minutes is the full track I won’t bother trying to figure out the download.. I’ll keep coming here. Thanks a lot.

    • kazie22:

      wow i already hear this frequency when i meditate or perform deeksha

    • IoDecay:

      reminds me of a fire drill :/

    • phylofirst:

      The sun is much responsible for our evolution… 7:55

    • newcoming1:

      it’s good to hear that people are getting to know all this now the is reason to belive that the pyramids are not a burial site but a place of great healing. they are built aroung a frequecies and act as a speacker to help heal everyone in the society! thats why the people slaved away at building them not just for the ruler’s but for everyone this stile of live needes to come back around its been too long!

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